Accepting the outcomes

In the music business, success is the exception, and unfortunately, failure is the norm. If you believe that's true, then you've probably asked yourself, "What if my music business dream doesn't happen? "And how am I going to deal with this prospect "of failure every day "while I'm trying to make something happen?" You'll do it by accepting the fact that there are only two possible outcomes. It's either going to happen for you, or it's not.

It's that simple when all is said and done. And once you've accepted that idea, things are going to get a lot easier. You'll focus more on the process, and less on the results. You'll resolve not to overthink the things that can sink your ship. Instead, you'll focus on the things you need to do to be successful. You'll set your targets, you'll build your plan, and you'll do everything you can to make it happen. And you'll just accept that the rest is beyond your control. Success or failure is ultimately measured by your own expectations.

You'll decide what success or failure looks like for you. People ask me all the time, "How long should I give it "to make something happen?" Or "How will I know if it's not working out?" Only you can make that decision in the end. It's going to be different for everybody. But, the fact is, sometimes our dreams don't pan out. That's life. I know from my own experience. When I got out of high school, I had a dream to be a golf pro and play on the PGA Tour. So instead of going to college, I lived and breathed golf 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for four years.

But in the end, my desire and ambition to play golf were not matched by my talent and skills, and I knew it. So I gave it up, and I went back to college looking for something new to catch my interest. Was I disappointed? Sure I was. But I took comfort in knowing that I had done everything I could to make it happen, and that I would not look back later in my life and say, "I wish I hadn't done it." So what does this all mean for you? It's one thing to have a love and passion for music.

It's quite another though to be able to take that passion and turn it into a career. It's a long shot on the best of days. But, if you are truly dreaming of doing something big in this music business, I say give it a shot. Let your love and your passion for music drive you. But if you can accept the outcomes that it's either going to happen for you, or it's not, I guarantee you'll enjoy the ride a lot more, and you'll have some great stories to tell for the rest of your life, whether it works out or not.