Getting a great video

Getting a great video is an important part of shaping your image as well. A great video adds to a song by providing compelling images that help embed that song and that artist into a consumer's mind. In the past, making videos was really the domain of the big labels. They were the only ones that could afford to pay the big budgets it took to make 'em. They had the contacts with the top video directors. And for a long time, the only place to play those videos was MTV. But that's all changed in today's music business.

Youtube has become the MTV for this generation of music lovers. Today's consumers decide what they wanna see and when they wanna see it. They can comment on those videos. They can embed those videos in a million different places. And they can share those videos with all their friends. The technology of taking pictures and making videos has brought image quality and affordability into the hands of indie artist and labels. Today, you don't need to spend hundred of thousands of dollars to make a great video.

And all of this has leveled the playing field considerably. A great idea, shot on today's equipment, on a limited budget, has as much chance of getting attention as a big budget video by a major label. What you need is that great idea and a couple energetic and talented folks who are interested in making films to make you pull it off. And there are plenty of those aspiring filmmakers out there at your local college or at your local club, or perhaps even in your own fanbase.

If you can't find a video director there, you can look for talented directors online as well. I came across a wonderful website called that helps connect artists and labels with limited budgets with experienced directors. They'll help you get a great video made for, between 800 dollars to 7,000 dollars. Recently, I had a chance to talk to a young video director by the name of Jordan Bahat whose worked with a bunch of great bands like Grouplove, Fitz and the Tantrums, and Grammy awardwinners fun.

I asked him what he thought it took to make a great video and here's what he had to say. You need to be honest about who you are. You need to stay in your style, figure out what you like and what your vibe is, and move forward from there. You don't need a label or a huge budget to make a great video anymore. What you need is a great song, a great idea, and the will to make it happen.