When an artist can perform live

We've talked about this idea of making it personal in our first lesson, and there's nothing more personal than seeing a great performer singing a great song live and looking them in the eye when they do it. It's the purest expression of songs and performances. It's where you meet your customers face to face. Because of that, live performances and touring can be a huge part of the marketing mix. When an artist can perform live, it gives the label a chance to bring partners to a show and see what that artist is all about.

Those key partners might include retail outlets, radio programmers, music supervisors, music critics, media types, and more. A great performance by a great performer can seal the deal for those potential partners you'll need to make something happen in the music business. A radio programmer is contemplating adding a song to the playlist, a retail outlet deciding how much product to carry, a music supervisor or ad agency looking for a song. All of them can be pushed over the edge when they see a great performance.

Unfortunately, it can also be the most expensive marketing tool as well. Having a label to help pay is a huge advantage if you can get it. They can pay for tour shortfalls, they can help an artist find an agent if they don't have one. They can help coordinate all the efforts at press, at retail and radio, and they can do it across not only the United States but around the world. But if you're not on a label yet, you can still use those live gigs to your advantage as well, albeit in a slightly different and more limited way.

It's still a great place for any artist to sell their music and CDs. It's a chance to get some press. It's still a great place to invite your potential partners, which for you might be a potential manager, an agent or a label. Instead of doing it across the country, you might start in your hometown and build out from there as you become more successful. We've all heard that expression that seeing is believing. Whether you're looking for consumers to buy your music or partners to help you expose it, a great live gig is the best way to turn those seers into believers and get them on your team.