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Great Dane Production Studios along with Indie Bands Radio has started a new venture of promoting musicians, singers and songwriters. The web platform at has already been fully built out and the content / mobile apps are coming next.

Indie Bands Radio is building content to help out other musicians but needs help in continuing operations. Our founder, James Henderson, has put everything in to this business and has started seeing the success of the watching the foundation grow. The community has enjoyed watching the videos on business and musician reviews. The video / audio content will continue new song reviews, promoting new bands and providing business news in the music industry.

With over 40 years in the music industry, Indie Bands Radio community have seen and felt the trials most musicians face. The scams, lies and broken promises are just some of the facts they touch on as our community grows. Music reviews, studio analysis and building new musicians will help out new artists to their own success.

By investing in Indie Bands Radio you will continue the hopes and dreams of new musicians. Let's train others in order to stop the fraud in this industry and make talented musician succeed.

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Your Host: James Henderson
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