Equity Funding


What is equity crowdfunding?

With equity crowdfunding, you get a financial stake in the company you’re supporting. IndieBandsRadio.com and Texas Integrated Services created an equity crowdfunding platform that allows financial investment in innovative startup like ours. Equity crowdfunding has risks and you may lose all or a portion of your investment.

Who can invest?

Any individual 18 years and older can invest, as well as any eligible entity.

How much does it cost?

It’s free to create a profile and you will only be charged an investment processing fee if you make an investment.

How much can I invest?

Individual investments start at US$10. Investors will have investment maximums based on a few factors, including earnings, net worth, etc.

How does investing work?

Investing in startups means you own a piece of the company and are along for the ride, whether up or down. With this partnership, all investment transactions take place on TexasIntegratedServices.com.

How many shares do I get?

The offering terms are starting out at $0.01 a share.

What information do I receive before and after investing?

After investing, Indie Bands Radio is required to routinely share information about how their businesses are doing.


List price: $1.00
Price: $0.01